Monthly Archive: July 2014

Taiwanese delegation gets to know the Smart Green Tower

At the request of the Innovation Academy of Freiburg, today Wolfgang Frey presented the innovative architecture and energy management concept of the Smart Green Tower to a Taiwanese delegation.

Among the guests was a group of 30 visitors consisting of high-ranking officials of the central administration of Taipei. The participants, who among other things have held various offices in the Ministries for Tourism, Transport Planning and Development, Energy and Administration as well as the Ministry of the Interior, visited the summer school at the University of Konstanz as part of a career training program. An excursion also led them to Freiburg.


Guests from China visit sto and Frey Architekten

On 7/14/2014, a delegation from China – consisting of high-ranking guests from a Chinese real estate company – were invited by the sto company to its headquarters in Weizen. The guests’ visit was concluded with a reception by Frey Architekten in Freiburg.

sto is a leading international manufacturer of paints, cleaners and lacquers, as well as facades, coatings and composite thermal insulation systems. Frey Architekten has been working with sto for many years.


Political Dialog with Gernot Erler (SPD)

Gernot Erler (SPD, Member of the German Bundestag since 1987) and Wolfgang Frey met on 14.07.2014 during a talk on social responsibility in the construction and real estate industry. Since these social issues concern every country, Wolfgang Frey was honored to benefit from the Expertise of Gernot Erler, who has been the coordinator of inter-society collaboration with Russia, Central Asia and countries under the eastern partnership of the German federal government since January 2014.


Of the possibility and impossibility of sustainable building in China

At breakneck speed, China has become one of the leading economic powers in the world. Not without cost. Massive environmental problems in many cities in the Middle Kingdom are only one of a number of challenges confronting the state. A change of mentality seems imperative. But what role can the architecture play? What can you do and where do sustainability concepts hit their limits? And how far apart are claims and reality? Wolfgang Frey would like to pose these questions and report on his own personal experiences. The Freiburg architect has dedicated himself to sustainable planning and building and has also been involved for some years in a wide range of construction activities in China.