Yearly Archive: 2014

Of the possibility and impossibility of sustainable building in China

At breakneck speed, China has become one of the leading economic powers in the world. Not without cost. Massive environmental problems in many cities in the Middle Kingdom are only one of a number of challenges confronting the state. A change of mentality seems imperative. But what role can the architecture play? What can you do and where do sustainability concepts hit their limits? And how far apart are claims and reality? Wolfgang Frey would like to pose these questions and report on his own personal experiences. The Freiburg architect has dedicated himself to sustainable planning and building and has also been involved for some years in a wide range of construction activities in China.


Israeli architects visit Frey Architekten

A delegation from the Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC) of around 20 architects, landscape architects and engineers visited the office of Frey Architekten today as part of an educational trip to the Green City Freiburg. Wolfgang Frey was happy to lead those interested on a tour of the flagship neighborhood, as he explained basic principles in terms of sustainable planning and building.


“The Value of Design: Enhancing Education Through Architecture”

What contribution can and must architecture provide in order to enable better learning in the school system? This question was at the heart of the conference held by the American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) under the title “The Value of Design: Enhancing Education through Architecture” was hosted this year on 4/27/2014 in Barcelona.


Professional delegation from the French elite university “Mines Paris Tech”

As part of a two-day excursion, the Innovation Academy organized a visit to Freiburg with Frey Architekten to visit local development projects and understand the green technology behind them. The group consists of 29 students and 3 teachers from the French elite university Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (in short: Mines ParisTech).

The Mines Paris Tech was founded as far back as 1783 on the orders of Louis XVI. It is one of the founding members of the Institute for Science and Technology (Paris Tech), a group of eleven different technical universities.


Wolfgang Frey at the “Urban Design International Symposium” in Shanghai

The “Urban Design International Symposium 2014” was held on 1/14/2014 in Shanghai with renowned urban planners and architects. The symposium was organized by RCC China Co. Ltd. in collaboration with the World Architecture Magazine. RCC China Co. Ltd specializes in services and market research for construction projects.

Using the example of the highly current topic around the area of expansion and the design of the district “Feng Xian” in Shanghai, the speakers discussed new development strategies for urban development and the potential for ecological and sustainable building.