Monthly Archive: September 2015

Wolfgang Frey as a key speaker at this year’s ILGBC

Leading experts in ecological building are also meeting this year at the Israel Green Building Council (ILGBC) in Tel-Aviv. The Green Building Council was founded in 2007 as a non-profit enterprise. Today, the ILGBC enjoys world-wide recognition and has the support of national institutes and environmental associations.

As part of the 2-day event in Tel Aviv, Wolfgang Frey will be leading a day-long workshop (“Sustainable Architecture with focus on added value”) and speaking on the following topics: “From mistakes to success: the economic benefits of green building and planning” and “District Rieselfeld in Freiburg, Germany – a modern sustainable neighborhood”.


Smart Green Tower the focus of the “Digital Transformation in cities” in London

Digitalization is all the rage nowadays. Digital aspects are also gaining more and more significance in the field of green building and energy supply. High level city representatives, industry administrators and lateral thinkers are discussing the efficient application of innovative elements in what is probably the “greenest” building in the world, “Crystal”.

As part of the conference “Digital Transformation in cities” in London on 9/14, Mr Frey presented the flagship project Smart Green Tower.