Monthly Archive: May 2016

Excursion of students of the Hochschule Stuttgart

Over 40 students of Industrial Engineering of Construction and Real Estate at the School of Technology Stuttgart visited Frey Architekten in Freiburg during their excursion lasting several days. Wolfgang Frey gave the students a presentation about his path-breaking project Smart Green Tower, which the school has been following for a long time with great interest, the Heidelberg Village and all the concepts crucial to the projects.

One group visited some completed projects in the Freiburg-Rieselfeld area with some architects from the Frey office and learnt about their structural and technical features. Another group was given insight in the local solar plant production “SI Modules” in the Rieselfeld area.


Excursion by University of Luxemburg to Heidelberg

A project group from the University of Luxemburg stopped at the Heidelberg-Bahnstadt on May 20th 2016 during its excursion lasting several days, where Mr. Heller and Ms. Meng from Frey Architekten showed the current status of the project “Heidelberg Village.”

The group also compared notes about the social and energy-related concepts and their feasibility in Germany as opposed to that in Luxemburg. The guests have already prepared a report about the green energy cooperatives and national power systems in Luxemburg during a practice-oriented advanced course certificate at the University of Luxemburg. Currently they are working on energy consumption models and innovative living concepts for apartment buildings this semester, so the projects Heidelberg Village and Smart Green Tower hold special interest for them.


Wolfgang Frey with the large-scale enterprise Morton in Russia

Following their successful meeting on February 17th in Germany (Freiburg), Siemens and Morton organized a business trip for Wolfgang Frey to the Morton headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The aim of this second meeting was to reaffirm the cooperation between Morton, Siemens and Frey Architekten in sustainable urban development.

The Morton CEO Mr. Dmitry Zotov received Wolfgang Frey on May 17th at the headquarters. The Director of the Center for Urbanism in Moscow Mr Victor Rusakov showed along with some other architects showed Wolfgang Frey the ongoing projects and took his expert feeback.


Siemens Magazine: Smart Green Tower

Freiburg’s Smart Green Tower: Technology meets tradition

Sustainable architecture isn’t just about technology – it’s about common-sense design as well as efficient use of resources, says architect Wolfgang Frey. His solar tower in Freiburg, Germany sets a good example.

Wolfgang Frey bounds onto the auditorium towards the end of a busy conference at The Crystal, Siemens’ flagship building in London. The architect is standing between a tired audience and their evening refreshments, and before he begins speaking, they are beginning to fidget and glance at their phones and the door. The screens, however, are soon forgotten.