Yearly Archive: 2016

URBAN FUTURE Global Conference 2016

URBAN FUTURE is the largest event for sustainable cities in Central Europe. For two days, specialists and decision-makers from 280 cities met with each other and various countries to talk about mobility, living and city planning, communication and resources.

Wolfgang Frey was invited to share his expertise in one of these four topics – living and city planning. How we humans live is one of the key decisive factors for sustainable cities – and simultaneously one of the greatest challenges. Listen to how city planners, architects, engineers, developers, investors and the others have made their cities sustainable.


Convention “Science Meets Practice: Focusing on Individuals – Inclusion – Enabling Community”

Focusing on individuals marks the socio-political and technical paradigm shift since the 1990s that concentrates on designing assistance for psychological and physical disabilities. The planned Federal Participation Act and enhanced orientation towards individual requirements come under its purview.

The convention aims to on the one hand streamline the definition of the multifarious concept of focusing on individual and on the other hand, throw a light on the social and political challenges. It concerns people with disabilities, professionals at ambulant and resident disabled care facilities and those from various public institutions and scientists.


Delegation from Russia

On 2/17/16, representatives of Siemens Munich (German representative of Siemens Moscow) and the company Morton met with Wolfgang Frey in the office of Frey Architekten in Freiburg-Rieselfeld.

The aim of the meeting was the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between Frey Architekten, Siemens, Morton and the City Planning Office of Moscow for future cooperation and exchange in sustainable urban development. As an introduction, Wolfgang Frey presented the five-finger principle of sustainability as well as current construction projects such as the Smart Green Tower. The visit was rounded off by a tour through Freiburg-Rieselfeld as well as the visit to the Freiburg airfield.


Series of lectures “An Urban Nucleus for Jena”

Bürger-AG Eichplatz was formed for restructuring of the Jena urban nucleus. The members have organized a series of lectures in which the experts from across Germany will present their research and knowledge.

The lectures aim at providing stimuli and brainstorming sessions under the aegis of Bürger-AG Eichplatzin in collaboration with the Department of Urban Planning and Environment of the city of Jena. Such high-level collaborative brainstorming with external experts is sure to contribute towards expanding the perspective and vision.

Wolfgang Frey explaining how spatial and energy can be used economically for creating spaces for humans in his lecture “Living Communities – Building for Humans”.