About us

Living spaces. Intelligent homes. We build communities.

We bring together life’s diverse aspects and embrace the challenges that arise from them. Internationally, we do business as investors, project developers, landlords, architects and consultants. We are also engaged in the field of sustainable technologies with our research & development partners. Modern urban development is contingent upon the cooperation between interdisciplinary factors. In everything we do, people and the environment are our top priorities.

We are proud of the fact that we are finding our own paths. We do not believe in standards and entrenched systems – after all, the environment and the world are always changing – along with society. Our aim is to make the world a better place.

Architecture and Construction
Architecture serves as a societal mirror and purpose. The pleasant design of our projects fosters the individual residents’ evolvement. We emphasize the use of materials that have a small environmental footprint and conserve energy in our construction projects.
In cooperation with our partners like Siemens and the Fraunhofer Institute, we develop technologies and sustainable solutions for tomorrow. We also unify scientists, businesses and politicians for collaborative endeavors.
In city quarters, we foster the forming of bonds between people from different backgrounds, of varying ages, in different life circumstances and positive interactions between individuals with and without handicaps.
We install forums in our city quarters that provide a point of contact and meeting for the residents. We foster a spirit of respectful community interaction by assisting people with their concerns and problems. We create and boost the awareness of the needs of others and of our environment.
Five-Finger Principle
The helping hand represents the five-finger principle of everything we do: ecologic, economic, innovative, integrative and motivating.

Frey Group

The architectual office is one of the companies of the Frey Group run by Wolfgang Frey in order to carry out all the tasks involving building and sustainability:

  • Frey Architekten (architectual office, design & planning)
  • Freie Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH (owner & project developer)
  • pro scholare GmbH (real estate management)
  • Free Energy
  • Greentower Freiburg GmbH (project developer for Smart Green Tower, Freiburg)
  • WFP Architekten (partner for chinese projects)