Conference on Urban Development and Planning2014.09.23

For the ninth time already, on 9/23/2014, the city of Tianjin (China) is holding the “Conference on Urban Development and Planning”, which will be focusing completely in the topic “Eco-City” this year. Over two days, an international audience will be listening to experts from all over the world in Tianjin near Beijing, as they describe the experiences so far with so-called eco-cities in practice and what politicians, planners and implementers can learn for the future from it.

wolfgang frey in chinaAs part of the conference program, Wolfgang Frey presented a case study today, which the city administration of Kunshan commissioned Frey Architekten to carry out this year and which is being created in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics as well as the University of Kassel.

The study examines, inter alia, what major influence the shell of a building has on the climate of the city and the welfare of its inhabitants. Wolfgang Frey supplemented the first study results with examples from Freiburg.

program booklet