“The Value of Design: Enhancing Education Through Architecture”2014.04.27

What contribution can and must architecture provide in order to enable better learning in the school system? This question was at the heart of the conference held by the American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) under the title “The Value of Design: Enhancing Education through Architecture” was hosted this year on 4/27/2014 in Barcelona.

vortrag wolfgang frey architekt freiburgWolfgang Frey was invited to speak as an expert on sustainable building. As part of a symposium entitled “Innovation and sustainability in school construction”, he presented the passive house approach to the audience. Although this standard is primarily associated with residential houses and small buildings, it is gaining increasing importance in commercial and public construction as well. In principle, it can also be applied to buildings for education and communication such as schools, universities or preschools.