Wolfgang Frey on 10th Marschall Forum2016.06.29

Topic of Discussion: “City of the Future: Socio-Ecological Utopia or Total Data Transparency?”

Self-driven cars, agriculture on breezy terraces, refrigerators that justify our purchases and also save energy at the same time: our introduction of a “city” of the future sounds like science fiction, but is actually not too far removed from reality. What are effects of demographic changes and inflow of refugees in our cities? How do we react to the fact that there is an ever-increasing number of people living, working and purchasing in our cities? How can we make our cities even more worth living, economically strong and therefore socially and ecologically viable in future? Also, what risks does total networking entail?

Matern von Marschall, your directly elected Bundestag representative of the Freiburg constituency and a member of the Committee for Environment, Construction and Reactor Safety, will discuss these and more with Wolfgang Frey, architect and sustainability visionary from Freiburg and Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.



Matern von Marschall Wolfgang FreyWolfgang Frey, Matern von Marschall und Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn

from left to right: Wolfgang Frey, Matern von Marschall and Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn

v.l.n.r.: Wolfgang Frey, Matern von Marschall und Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn