Bärbl Mielich (Alliance 90/The Greens) as guest at Frey Architekten2014.04.07

Bärbl Mielich, Health Care Spokesperson of Alliance 90/The Greens in German Landtag, Baden-Württemberg, introduced the development society Innovatio while speaking today about sustainable accommodation concepts with Frey Architekten.

Bärbl Mielich Frey ArchitektenWhat support do you require from political authorities to develop vital city accommodation? Wolfgang Frey gave the example of the so-called Heidelberg Village while mentioning the important features of social planning in his opinion.

Surely such concepts can be adopted? During the meeting, the experts talked about the concept of developing a research institute with representatives from social, construction and technical ministries, in which the experiences and expertise of well-established professionals will also be imperative. On the basis of this concept, the bench felt, a works catalog needs to be developed to streamline the political involvement in order to promote the development of vital public accommodation in the country.