Heidelberg Village

Biweekly Free Lunch for Everyone at its Heidelberg Village Construction Site


Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch? Sustainable architectural firm Frey Architekten has started a soup kitchen initiative at their Heidelberg Village construction site to unite both construction workers and the residents who will be dwelling in the complex they are building. Every other week they offer a free lunch to bring both worker and home dweller closer together.


Ceremonious Groundbreaking for Heidelberg Village – „The Lively Urban District“


Heidelberg-Bahnstadt is emerging as a new urban district. Freiburg’s Frey Architekten is making its mark with sustainable, social architecture in an energetic urban neighborhood.

Freiburg/Heidelberg, October 16, 2015 – On October 15 a ceremonious groundbreaking was held for the construction project Heidelberg Village. Gerald Dietz (Head of the Branch in Heidelberg-Bahnstadt), Otmar Männer (CEO of Implenia Bau GmbH, general contractor), Markus Ziener (Board member for Software AG – Foundation, general investor) and architect Wolfgang Frey collectively broke ground for the new urban district, which, through its multifaceted structural engineering and unique social emphasis, will act as a flagship for sustainable living space.


Series of lectures “An Urban Nucleus for Jena”


Bürger-AG Eichplatz was formed for restructuring of the Jena urban nucleus. The members have organized a series of lectures in which the experts from across Germany will present their research and knowledge.

The lectures aim at providing stimuli and brainstorming sessions under the aegis of Bürger-AG Eichplatzin in collaboration with the Department of Urban Planning and Environment of the city of Jena. Such high-level collaborative brainstorming with external experts is sure to contribute towards expanding the perspective and vision.

Wolfgang Frey explaining how spatial and energy can be used economically for creating spaces for humans in his lecture “Living Communities – Building for Humans”.