Guests from China visit sto and Frey Architekten2014.07.14

On 7/14/2014, a delegation from China – consisting of high-ranking guests from a Chinese real estate company – were invited by the sto company to its headquarters in Weizen. The guests’ visit was concluded with a reception by Frey Architekten in Freiburg.

sto is a leading international manufacturer of paints, cleaners and lacquers, as well as facades, coatings and composite thermal insulation systems. Frey Architekten has been working with sto for many years.

The facades of the building projects of Frey Architekten in Freiburg-Rieselfeld are painted with special exterior paint from sto. The wall paint can oxidize nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrates. In this way the building facades break down nitrogen oxides in the air and release fresh oxygen.