The Global Awards: Wolfgang Frey received an award in London



The Global awarded Frey Architekten for their ongoing project – “Heidelberg Village” as the Most Outstanding Passive House Design in the World in 2016 on 10th November in London.

The Global Awards have been created to celebrate and reward the best individual and company performances in the over-50s housing sector worldwide. The philosophy of the Awards panel is to recognize the best exemplar in the world. The Awards dinner and presentation was conducted at Conrad London St. James in Broadway, London, UK. The event was a formal presentation to the Global Award winners in the presence of nearly 80 experts who had come from all over the world including Australia and New Zealand.


E’ in Germania la casa passiva più grande del mondo


Modello di architettura sostenibile, il progetto dello studio Frey Architekten si trova all’interno dell’Heidelberg Village, nel quartiere Bahnstadt di nuova costruzione nella città tedesca, dove è stato imposto per ogni edificio lo standard Passivhaus ed è all’avanguardia su scala mondiale per quanto riguarda l’attenzione all’efficienza energetica.

Il complesso è composto da diversi edifici con altezza che varia dai 5 agli 8 piani e comprende 162 unità abitative, la cui disposizione è studiata per farne una “comunità vivente” che incoraggi le interazioni sociali.

Uno dei tanti punti di forza del progetto – che si estende su oltre 6000 mq di spazio recuperato da un’area ferroviaria dismessa – è l’utilizzo della dimensione verticale in chiave di green building. Saranno presenti giardini verticali in aggiunta ad ampi tetti verdi, ma l’aspetto più interessante è legato alla sostenibilità energetica. Infatti le pareti esterne ospiteranno pannelli solari.


Green Light for Asia’s Largest Passive House Settlement in Qingdao, China


Frey Architekten is working on Asia’s largest passive house settlement. Wolfgang Frey took part in the groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site spanning nearly 200 acres in Qinagdao, People’s Republic of China, together with other distinguished guests and decision-makers.

Qingdao, October 25, 2016 – Along with working on the world’s largest passive house settlement in Heidelberg, Wolfgang Frey and his team at Frey Architekten are also involved in Asia’s largest passive house settlement. In September 2016 a groundbreaking ceremony for the nearly 200-acre construction site took place in Qingdao, People’s Republic of China. Wolfgang Frey participated together with other distinguished guests and decision-makers.


Inspir’action News: Heidelberg Village


Do you want to develop your children in a family environment, without giving up the advantages of the city? Are you a single parent who appreciates good infrastructure? Or do you need help or attach importance to maximum independence and flexibility? Well, the Heidelberg Village in south-west Germany will be your next home. Inspir’action News (English) >>

On dit de ce quartier allemand qu’il est le plus propre de la planète. La construction de son Heidelberg Village est en passe de conforter cette belle réputation. Ayant le double pouvoir de produire sa propre énergie et d’assainir l’air, il sera prêt fin 2017. Inspir’action News (Français) >>

Vorresti crescere i tuoi figli in un ambiente familiare, senza rinunciare ai vantaggi di vivere in città? Sei un genitore single che apprezza una buona situazione abitativa? O Hai bisogno di aiuto e attribuisci molta importanza alla massima autonomia e flessibilità? Inspir’action News (Italiano) >>


Reforestation Project in Taiyuan, China


Human existence has an enormous influence on nature. Our meat consumption, the use of daily transportation, energy, gas and water all contribute to environmental pollution. Even our breathing – and that of animals – emits CO2. It is an enormous contemporary issue that everyone should be aware of. Architects have found a solution to this problem by building passive houses. Houses built according to passive house standards emit less carbon dioxide, which in turn saves the environment. But no matter how well we build something – in the end the act of construction itself creates CO2. Manufacturing construction materials such as clay tiles that are burnt at 1.000 degrees Celcius contributes to climate change. A polemic solution would be to simply stop building altogether. Given our ever-growing world population, however, that’s not really an option.

Wolfgang Frey, a practicing architect who specializes in sustainability in Freiburg, has found a better option for ironing out his „debt“. In the spring of 2014 Mr. Frey began a reforestation project on the Chinese mountain Xishan (which means West Mountain in English) in Taiyuan in the Chinese province Shanxi. Wolfgang Frey has planted over 6,000 trees on 12.4 acres. Every growing plant absorbs CO2.


Landsea Group visits Heidelberg Village


On May 31, 2016 the Chinese construction company Landsea Group, led by CEO Mr. TIAN Ming, came to Heidelberg and toured the construction site of „Heidelberg Village“. The owner of Frey Mr. Wolfgang Frey and his Chinese business partner Ms. WANG Jiakun warmly greeted the Chinese guests.

Landsea Group is one of the top construction companies in China that specializes in large-scale projects encompassing around 8 million square meters each. The Landsea Group has completed more than 50 such large-scale projects in cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing.


Wolfgang Frey at the German-Chinese Forum with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister President Li Keqiang


German Chancellor Angela Merkel travelled to China June 12-14, 2016 for the ninth time. Minister President Li Keqiang met her and accompanied her throughout her trip. The main purpose of the trip was to deepen German-Chinese economic, cultural and political relations. Wolfgang Frey, owner of Frey Architekten, received the honor of being invited to attend the German-Chinese Forum in Beijing.


Chinese Passive House Delegation at Frey Architekten


An Excursion for Chinese Experts to Freiburg During the International Passive House Conference 2016

The 20th Annual International Passive House Conference ended on April 23, 2016 in Darmstadt. Thereafter a group of business leaders and representatives from China began a European tour to view various passive hours. On April 28, 2016 the group visited Freiburg, Germany’s „capital ecocity“ and on April 29, 2016 they went to Heidelberg-Bahnstadt, one of the world’s largest passive house settlements, including Frey Architekten’s „Heidelberg Village“ project.