10th Year Anniversary for the Residential Area Riedlen2016.06.22

On June 19, 2016 the residential area of Riedlen in Bahlingen celebrated its 10th anniversary. An ecumenical church service kicked off the festivities at 10:30 am. The residents and other guests enjoyed an extensive program with delicious food, an organ grinder, Chinese calligraphy, a book sale, the presentation of the local petting zoo, etc.

“Living is Life” is the motto for this integrative residential model. 65 home care employees work at the residence whose ultimate purpose is to ensure quality living conditions for people with restricted mobility. The residential area includes the senior living facility from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), the Haus Johannes, the assisted living facility Tagessstätte im Kaiserstuhl and apartments adapted to the elderly’s lifestyle into which anyone can move.

Planning for the residential area in Bahlingen reaches back to 1999. Back then planners identified that the community was able to meet most every resident’s needs with the exception of senior citizens. Because the state of Baden-Württemberg didn’t see the need to build its own home for the elderly, the mayor Lotis and other municipal officials took matters into their own hands.

In 2006 the place was open for new residents. Around 30 residents who need around-the-clock care live on the ground floor. In the upper and top floors, senior citizens and families with members who require home care live in 18 handicap-accessible apartments. There is also a petting zoo in the residence with goats, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs.

What makes this residence so special its he way in which it is financed through a so-called „Public Private Partnership“ (PPP model), which emerged through the close partnership between the municipality of Bahlingen and planner Wolfgang Frey. The model distinguishes between possession and property ownership: While the municipality retains the possession rights on the property, the actual ownership goes to the investor who is both responsible for planning and construction. Those responsible for construction are held directly accountable for financing the projects. In their function as planner and owner, they have a personal motivation to walk the fine line between quality and cost savings.

Wolfgang Frey acts not only as investor and owner, but with his holistic views on sustainability and his social engagement, he also brings with him a very conscious approach to architecture. With their nooks and seating areas, hallways act as little meeting points for people for a spontaneous chat; the gardens lure visitors to take a stroll. They include fenced in areas for people with dementia so they are not isolated. In addition, the building is off the grid. The service water runs solely in a renewable fashion through thermal heating and heating systems with wood pellets. The rated output of the photovoltaic system is higher than the building’s entire power consumption.

For more information, read the report (in German) in the Badischen Zeitung >>


Wohnanlage Bahlingen Wolfgang Frey Architekten

Ecumenical church service

Rede von Harald Lotis, Bürgermeister von Bahlingen

Speech from Harald Lotis, Mayor of Bahlingen

Rede von Architekt und Eigentümer Wolfgang Frey

Speech from Architect und Property Owner Wolfgang Frey

Wolfgang Frey übergibt den Vertretern chinesische Kalligraphien, die Philosophien über den Zusammenhalt der Menschen beinhalten

Wolfgang Frey gives the representatives Chinese calligraphy, which describes the philosophy of how people stick together

Rede von Frau Wölfe, Landesvorsitzende des Arbeiter-Samariter-Bundes

Speech from Ms. Wölfe, State Chairwoman for the des Arbeiter-Samariter-Bundes

Rede von Herr Dr. Gantert, Stellvertreter des Vorstands des Caritas-Verbandes

Speech from Dr. Gantert, Deputy for the Board of the Caritas Association

Rede von Sozialdezernentin Frau Dr. Kleinknecht-Strähle vom Landratsamt Emmendingen

Department Head for Social Affairs Dr. Kleinknecht-Strähle,  Emmendingen

Rede von Frau Finkbeiner, Heimleiterin des ASB Bahlingen

Speech from Ms. Finkbeiner, Home Director for the ASB Bahlingen

Rede von Herr Beckmann, Einrichtungsleitung von Haus Johannes

Speech from Mr. Beckmann, Facility Manager for Haus Johannes

Rede von Frau Lang, Inhaberin der Tagesstätte im Kaiserstuhl

Speech from Ms. Lang, Owner of the  Tagesstätte im Kaiserstuhl


Book sale table

Chinesische Kalligraphie

Chinese calligraphy


The Grill