Biweekly Free Lunch for Everyone at its Heidelberg Village Construction Site2016.06.27

Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch? Sustainable architectural firm Frey Architekten has started a soup kitchen initiative at their Heidelberg Village construction site to unite both construction workers and the residents who will be dwelling in the complex they are building. Every other week they offer a free lunch to bring both worker and home dweller closer together.

Suppenküche Heidelberg Village Suppenküche Heidelberg VillageAccording to sustainable architect Wolfgang Frey’s Five-Finger-Principle, sustainability is a holistic concept that includes five different aspects: ecology, affordability, integration, innovation and profitability. It is not just about building more energy-efficient housing, but about building a home environment to last a lifetime.

“Our idea is to build a strong community identity by inviting potential residents to our weekly soup kitchen to meet the construction workers and learn more about the people behind the scenes,” says Wolfgang Frey. “Through consistent interaction the entire complex will bond over food and friendship.”

By exposing potential residents to the people developing the property, Frey Architekten seeks to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility in the home dwellers while manifesting relationships among residents and the workers themselves to serve as the foundation of a living, long-lasting community.

This concept has shown great success during the construction phase of other properties around Germany developed by the Frey Group, a vibrant network of over 30 experts in the construction industry, under which the sustainable architectural firm Frey Architekten is managed.

The initiative will continue weekly until the Heidelberg Village project is completed in late 2017.