Ceremonious Groundbreaking for Heidelberg Village – „The Lively Urban District“2016.06.15

Heidelberg-Bahnstadt is emerging as a new urban district. Freiburg’s Frey Architekten is making its mark with sustainable, social architecture in an energetic urban neighborhood.

Freiburg/Heidelberg, October 16, 2015 – On October 15 a ceremonious groundbreaking was held for the construction project Heidelberg Village. Gerald Dietz (Head of the Branch in Heidelberg-Bahnstadt), Otmar Männer (CEO of Implenia Bau GmbH, general contractor), Markus Ziener (Board member for Software AG – Foundation, general investor) and architect Wolfgang Frey collectively broke ground for the new urban district, which, through its multifaceted structural engineering and unique social emphasis, will act as a flagship for sustainable living space.

Throughout the entire 15,000 square meters of space, Heidelberg Village in the Bahnstadt will be a trendsetter, uniting both living and commercial usage. From the very beginning, social and ecological considerations have played a significant role in the development of Heidelberg Village. As a result, the architecture office Frey Architekten was recently recognized for its sustainability efforts from „Initiative Deutschland – Land des Langen Lebens“.

The concept for the new urban district is geared specifically toward a heterogeneous neighborhood in order to create a tight network for families, single people, young and old people as well as people with special needs. The urban district’s spatial design and its associated social approach enable a high quality of life and a sense of home in an urban setting.

“The intention of Heidelberg Village is to become a role model as a caring, supportive community in which different generations live together over a long period of time,” says architect Wolfgang Frey who has spent many years thinking about social architecture in a society that is experiencing rapid demographic change. In order to assess the approach and to duplicate it elsewhere, the University of Heidelberg (Diakoniewissenschaftliches Institut and Gerontologisches Institut) will provide long-term academic support for the project.

In order to have an active community, Heidelberg Village will provide numerous opportunities to interact such as a café, little boutiques, playgrounds, rooftop terraces and a forum as a central meeting point for people to convene. A wide variety of modern services such as outpatient care and babysitting will serve the various needs of the community such as for families, the elderly and people with special needs: spanning from preschools, an agency for household services to professional health care.

“Heidelberg Village’s flagship approach relies primarily on the sustained organization and mediation of neighborly activities through professional district management,” claims architect Wolfgang Frey. Therein lies the key to a successful neighborhood.

From an ecological perspective, Heidelberg Village will continue to systematically adopt the passive house energy standard because the construction and further management of the new urban district should be as resource-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. The buildings, for instance, have modern photovoltaic installations and air systems. A verdant double façade, so-called vertical gardens, that act as green gates into the buildings’ entrance ways along with semi-public rooftop terraces will create a balanced micro-climate in the middle of the city.

With a healthy mix of one-room apartments, spacious city apartments for families and everything in between, a total of 162 residential units will be created in this special urban district. The apartments are handicapped accessible. There will be rental apartments as well as condominiums.

“With its multigenerational living space, Heidelberg Village will embark on a new ecological and societal approach in the Bahnstadt district. It is a very successful interpretation of the master plan for the Bahnstadt,” says Bernd Stadel, the mayor of Heidelberg. “For a long time, the city has consistently supported social diversity and ecological goals. This has been a guiding principle throughout the development of the new urban district Bahnstadt in the old freightyard. Heidelberg Village will be an important cornerstone for a lively mixture of living, science, commerce and culture that will ensure a high standard of living for all generations and life situations through its attractive and ecologically sound properties.”

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Ceremonious groundbreaking for Heidelberg Village: Gerald Dietz (Head of the Branch in Heidelberg-Bahnstadt), Otmar Männer (CEO of Implenia Bau GmbH, general contractor), Markus Ziener (Board member for Software AG – Foundation, general investor) and architect Wolfgang Frey