Delegation from Russia2016.02.17

On 2/17/16, representatives of Siemens Munich (German representative of Siemens Moscow) and the company Morton met with Wolfgang Frey in the office of Frey Architekten in Freiburg-Rieselfeld.

The aim of the meeting was the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between Frey Architekten, Siemens, Morton and the City Planning Office of Moscow for future cooperation and exchange in sustainable urban development. As an introduction, Wolfgang Frey presented the five-finger principle of sustainability as well as current construction projects such as the Smart Green Tower. The visit was rounded off by a tour through Freiburg-Rieselfeld as well as the visit to the Freiburg airfield.

The company Morton (Мортон) is one of the three largest construction companies in Russia and has specialized since its founding in 1994 in the construction of large estates and residential complexes. Its focus is on the construction of housing in the greater Moscow area.

A special focus of the Russian Morton representatives, who are urban development and finance managers, is the suburb of Freiburg-Rieselfeld. Thanks to its strong social environment and good infrastructure, Rieselfeld has many parallels to the residential neighborhood that Morton is building in the Moscow area. Morton’s motto for the concept is “Build in format – Cities for life“.

The Morton and Frey Architekten also agree on sustainable approaches – people should have an emotional connection to their residential neighborhood and should be proud of that. This concept goes hand in hand with the five fingers principle of Wolfgang Frey. Morton sees it as its most important task to create the so-called “magical triangle”:  Living, recreation, work.

Following the visit, Wolfgang Frey was invited in May 2016 to Morton in Russia to take further steps to implement the cooperation.