Demography Convention of Germany 2015 – Award for Frey Architekten2015.10.09

Wolfgang Frey was awarded for the initiative called “Germany – Land of Long Life” by the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature, Construction and Reactor Safety at the Demography Congress 2015 for his sustainable concepts.

Architect Wolfgang Frey accepted the award for the initiative Germany – Land of Long Life for the project Heidelberg Village on 4th September 2015 at the Demography Convention in Berlin. The village is currently in the Heidelberg-Bahnstadt. The award recognized his contribution in the development and promotion of community living and a social architecture in which technical developments, integration and living together of different generations as well as collaboration of service and maintenance services at the living area seek to satisfy the dynamic requirements of a society consistently getting older.

The Demography Convention deals with precisely these questions: How can politics, economics, society and also architecture and planning respond to the changing social structures, offer elderly people good living conditions too and also make the politico-economic potential of an aging society accessible?

Heidelberg Village is and wants to be the model of a conscious society in which people feel at home, are there for each other and have a lot of social contacts,” says the architect Wolfgang Frey. With the right elements, the multi-generation living, the living with each other in a society will be possible even in an urban set-up, becoming a lifestyle like that in the villages rather than an address.

While speaking at the awards function, Dieter Hackler, Ministerial Director hailed the enormous commitment of the Freiburg architecture firm towards a social architecture with a vision for the needs and changes in the society, “Wolfgang Frey and his team are wonderful visionaries and pioneers in our society and our social interaction in our country of long lives. They are realistic visionaries with feet firmly on the ground, who create spaces with their style of construction in which us humans can live our lives as a socially viable community.”

About the Demography Convention

Germany’s preparedness for the future depends on a successful structuring of the demographic changes. At the 6th Demographic Convention in Berlin, over 800 experts and think tanks from politics, economics, science and society talked about the opportunities and ground-breaking solutions. Patrons of the Demography Congress are the Federal Ministry of Work and Social Care, Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth as well as the Federal Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature, Contruction and Reactor Safety. Noteworthy speakers and supporters, among others, were Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (Minister for Special Tasks, CEO of Federal Chancellor Office) and the former Bundestag President Rita Süssmuth.

About the Initiative Germany – Land of Long Life

The demographic development in Germany, in the industrial countries and developing nations offers vast economic opportunities for new products and services. It is imperative to encourage Germany as a nation of long life nationally and internationally in such a way that high levels of “demographic value addition” are achieved and innovative as well as social feasible solutions are developed in Germany. The initiative Germany – Land of Long Life follows this objective. It has been conceptualized and developed by WISO S.E. Consulting GmbH and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin GmbH. The initiative Germany – Land of Long Life has been carried forward by Ulf Fink, Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehr, Prof. Lea Rosh, Dr. Henning Scherf and Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth.

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