Excursion of students of the Hochschule Stuttgart2016.05.24

Over 40 students of Industrial Engineering of Construction and Real Estate at the School of Technology Stuttgart visited Frey Architekten in Freiburg during their excursion lasting several days. Wolfgang Frey gave the students a presentation about his path-breaking project Smart Green Tower, which the school has been following for a long time with great interest, the Heidelberg Village and all the concepts crucial to the projects.

One group visited some completed projects in the Freiburg-Rieselfeld area with some architects from the Frey office and learnt about their structural and technical features. Another group was given insight in the local solar plant production “SI Modules” in the Rieselfeld area. We would once again like to thank the Sales Manager of SI Module for the guided tour and exhaustive information he gave us.

2016-05-24_Hochschule-Stuttgart_01 2016-05-24_Hochschule-Stuttgart_02