Frey Architekten at the Real Estate Dialog2015.11.30

The exponential growth in quality of life in Freiburg is both a blessing and a curse. The arrival of numerous new settlers has considerably reduced the availability of affordable housing. A shift in thinking is required to meet these challenges in future.

During the Real Estate Dialog in Freiburg, city councils, real estate industry and consultants discussed new ways and (living) concepts to sustainably ensure high standards of living in Freiburg. This, for instance, will require new intellectual approaches that explore ideas outside of the conventional standards in housing construction.

Current debate on accommodation cannot disregard the fact that the city of the future also requires space for settlers coming in with new corporates and growth of existing companies. A successful example of a good mixture of residential development is the Güterbahnhof Nord. One can have an insight about the level of development in hotels, housing and retail stores as well as the milestone project “Smart Green Tower.” Wolfgang Frey presented this innovative project which offers solutions for the challenges in affordable housing.