Landsea Group visits Heidelberg Village2016.07.07

On May 31, 2016 the Chinese construction company Landsea Group, led by CEO Mr. TIAN Ming, came to Heidelberg and toured the construction site of „Heidelberg Village“. The owner of Frey Mr. Wolfgang Frey and his Chinese business partner Ms. WANG Jiakun warmly greeted the Chinese guests.

Landsea Group is one of the top construction companies in China that specializes in large-scale projects encompassing around 8 million square meters each. The Landsea Group has completed more than 50 such large-scale projects in cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing.

This visit signifies that both Frey Architekten and Landsea Group are taking proactive measures for future cooperation. The hope is to establish a new ecologically sound real estate market in China based on German experience in ecological construction and sustainable living that also connects with the Landsea Group’s differentiation strategy and concept development.

Heidelberg Village is located in one of the world’s largest passive house developments in the center of Heidelberg Bahnstadt. The Frey Group serves a triple function in the project as investor, planner and builder. This building project not only follows the guidelines of technical sustainability, but it also relies on a social concept to meet the needs of various consumers and to fulfill the mutual development of both society and the environment. Wolfgang Frey received an award (Initiative „Deutschland – Land des Langen Lebens”) for his idea of placing people in the foreground of any architectural endeavor during the Demography Congress 2015 in Berlin.

Chinesische Delegation Heidelberg Village Frey Architekten

During the guests’ visit, Wolfgang Frey started off by introducing the Heidelberg Village project from a financial standpoint (through partners such as Software AG Stiftung) and planning. Further, he discussed his experience with the construction and standards for erecting a passive house. Later he referenced the Smart Green Tower, another project that will be similar in its scale of construction and financial magnitude.

Thereafter, the delegation toured the construction site in order to get a flavor for the design of passive houses directly during the construction period. On German constructions sites all scaffolding is made of metal. You can’t find what is traditionally made of bamboo in China anywhere. Everyone who enters the construction site must wear protective clothing such as shoes and a construction hat. You have to respect the Germans’ careful supervision and precise building codes. The strict controls and demand for impeccable quality construction may well be the main reasons why passive houses are so popular in Germany and enjoy an excellent international reputation in places such as China. Although the project is still in the construction phase, the interested delegates asked a lot of technical questions pertaining, among other things, to the construction of thermal insulation, density and air circulation technology.

Chinesische Delegation Heidelberg Village Frey Architekten

After visiting the construction site, the group toured the rest of Bahnstadt. The variety of construction styles and passive house standardized housing along with the pleasant landscaping left a deep impression on the delegates.