Study Project at EH Freiburg2015.07.07

Over two semesters (2014-2015), six students at the EH Freiburg conducted a total of 17 interviews with people including the residents of the house “pro scholare” to find out their opinions about the structural and social architecture at home, their contacts and the cultural sensibilities in district Rieselfeld, hurdles and experiences with this concept of living. In addition, they conducted interviews with experts that offers ambulant support for people with disabilities and is an important partner at the community. All findings of the project were published on July 7, 2015.

The clear result is that this special living facility is appreciated immensely. Architect Wolfgang Frey sees the students as the “advocates of social responsibility and fairness.” Their work is highly delicate and technical that is slated to substantially supplement the housing industry and architecture.

The Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg (EH Freiburg) is a state recognized technical school and is managed by the Evangelical State Church of Baden. The core subjects at the EH Freiburg are Social Work, Religious Pedagogy, Community Welfare and Childhood Pedagogics. The largest research center for social work in Germany is also based at the EH Freiburg.

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