Visual Diary from Heidelberg Village2017.03.09

Visual construction diary of the construction site for the project „Heidelberg Village“

Status: 03.02.2017

Progress report for House A/B – shell construction complete, window installation and interior work in both buildings

Progress report House B – Facade scaffolding completely covered

Progress report House B –  Facade windows, 1st floor to 4th floor completely installed

Progress report House B – The facade’s insulation is carried out

Progress report House B – Insulation and painting work of the underground parking garage ceiling

Progress report House B – Elevators are installed

Progress report House B – Bautenstand Haus B – Floor screed is installed, interior walls are spackled

Progress report House B – Floor screed is installed

Progress report House B – Interior plastering from 2nd to 4th floors complete, ceiling seams are spackled

Progress report House A – Nearly all facade windows installed with the exception of the ground floor

Progress report House A – Drywall construction, sanitary installations

Progress report House A  – Screed in the basement area installed

Progress report House A – Emergency sealing completed

Progress report  House A – Apartment door steel frames will be installed