Wolfgang Frey at the Health Industry Conference in Saarbrücken2016.04.14

The “Hello! Restructuring the Existence – The Health Industry Conference” took place on April 13 and 14 in Saarbrücken. Germany. The conference focused on people while highlighting lifestyle and services for the individuals.

Around 160 speakers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxemburg talked about projects and strategies in medicine, economics and politics.

Germany’s booming health industry is a job magnet. Highly advanced medical technologies and successes in innovation in medical and pharmaceutical industry sustainably safeguard and improve health care. At the same time, supply gaps are continuing to increase and the financing of all services for all is taking too long to be a guaranteed success. Concepts such as prioritizing and rationing are already a part of debates on the future of health care system, its institutions and companies and how they are managed by healthcare workers, health insurances and political authorities.

Wolfgang Frey spoke on 4/13/2016 on “Building for Generations.” Later, he took part in panel discussion “Living with the Future – Set a New Pace in Homes!”