Wolfgang Frey at the “Old People’s and Nursing Homes of the Future” symposium2016.06.28

Recently, a number of old people’s and nursing homes have been built all across Europe. It has become necessary because of the demographic development. Important factors such location, environment, structure of a building, single and multi-bed rooms, logistic requirements, infrastructure etc. have to be decided right at the planning stage and have a considerable influence on quality and efficiency. Naturally, architecture plays a crucial role in the subsequent activities.

The symposium “Old People’s and Nursing Homes of the Future” will address these organizational, architectural, financial challenges and questions in Lucerne. The aim of this conference is the exchange of experiences between various departments in renovation and new construction of a nursing home. Around 100 participants from Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland – political think-tanks, nursing home managers, governing bodies and managers, advisors, architects and planners in the health industry will take part in the symposium.

On 7/1/2016, Wolfgang Frey will talk on the topic “How can Social Structures be Adapted for Economic Value-Addition?” In his talk, he will address highly topical questions for conceptualizing residential models and how to create their worth for a society as a whole.