Wolfgang Frey with the large-scale enterprise Morton in Russia2016.05.18

Following their successful meeting on February 17th in Germany (Freiburg), Siemens and Morton organized a business trip for Wolfgang Frey to the Morton headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The aim of this second meeting was to reaffirm the cooperation between Morton, Siemens and Frey Architekten in sustainable urban development.

The Morton CEO Mr. Dmitry Zotov received Wolfgang Frey on May 17th at the headquarters. The Director of the Center for Urbanism in Moscow Mr Victor Rusakov showed along with some other architects showed Wolfgang Frey the ongoing projects and took his expert feeback.

Some interesting places he visited were the Morton projects in Shchitnikovo with around 150,000 sqm residential plots and Sakramento with around 30 hectares of building zone.


Construcation site of “Sakramento Community” in Moscow, Picture: Morton


Rendering of “Shchitnikovo Community” in Moscow, Picture: Morton