World’s largest passive housing complex launched in Germany2016.08.25

In Germany, the world’s biggest passive housing complex is currently under construction. The solar-powered Heidelberg Village  will comprise 162 units and a host of sustainable features, including rooftop and vertical gardens.

The complex has been designed so that a wide variety of people could live on the property. There’s a range of one-bedroom apartments to apartments that can house families of four or five people. Each apartment will have its own balcony. Solar power and modern ventilation systems will allow the complex to be energy efficient. Vertical gardens and roof gardens will add beauty, fresh air and other benefits.

Heidelberg Village is being built according to architect’s (Frey Architekten) “Five-Finger-Principle,” which views sustainability holistically, including “ecology, affordability, integration, innovation, and profitability” as part of the process. The ultimate goal is “building a home environment to last a lifetime,” according to Frey Architekten.Read the whole article on “Construction Climate Change” >>