Politics + Education

Excursion by University of Luxemburg to Heidelberg


A project group from the University of Luxemburg stopped at the Heidelberg-Bahnstadt on May 20th 2016 during its excursion lasting several days, where Mr. Heller and Ms. Meng from Frey Architekten showed the current status of the project “Heidelberg Village.”

The group also compared notes about the social and energy-related concepts and their feasibility in Germany as opposed to that in Luxemburg. The guests have already prepared a report about the green energy cooperatives and national power systems in Luxemburg during a practice-oriented advanced course certificate at the University of Luxemburg. Currently they are working on energy consumption models and innovative living concepts for apartment buildings this semester, so the projects Heidelberg Village and Smart Green Tower hold special interest for them.


Political dialog with Qiu Baoxing


Qiu Baoxing, former Vice Minister for Construction of People’s Republic of China and the current direct advisor of the Chinese State Council of Minister President Li Keqiang, met with Wolfang Frey over a personal dinner, focusing on their ongoing technical exchange since 2010.

Since 2007, the former Vice Minister for Construction has been heading the “Chinese Society for Urban Studies” (CSUS) founded in 1984. It is a technical organization that supports the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of the People’s Republic of China. Qiu Baoxing is also the President of the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) and the Chairman of the IWA China Committee.


Convention “Science Meets Practice: Focusing on Individuals – Inclusion – Enabling Community”


Focusing on individuals marks the socio-political and technical paradigm shift since the 1990s that concentrates on designing assistance for psychological and physical disabilities. The planned Federal Participation Act and enhanced orientation towards individual requirements come under its purview.

The convention aims to on the one hand streamline the definition of the multifarious concept of focusing on individual and on the other hand, throw a light on the social and political challenges. It concerns people with disabilities, professionals at ambulant and resident disabled care facilities and those from various public institutions and scientists.


Series of lectures “An Urban Nucleus for Jena”


Bürger-AG Eichplatz was formed for restructuring of the Jena urban nucleus. The members have organized a series of lectures in which the experts from across Germany will present their research and knowledge.

The lectures aim at providing stimuli and brainstorming sessions under the aegis of Bürger-AG Eichplatzin in collaboration with the Department of Urban Planning and Environment of the city of Jena. Such high-level collaborative brainstorming with external experts is sure to contribute towards expanding the perspective and vision.

Wolfgang Frey explaining how spatial and energy can be used economically for creating spaces for humans in his lecture “Living Communities – Building for Humans”.


Demography Convention of Germany 2015 – Award for Frey Architekten


Wolfgang Frey was awarded for the initiative called “Germany – Land of Long Life” by the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature, Construction and Reactor Safety at the Demography Congress 2015 for his sustainable concepts.

Architect Wolfgang Frey accepted the award for the initiative Germany – Land of Long Life for the project Heidelberg Village on 4th September 2015 at the Demography Convention in Berlin. The village is currently in the Heidelberg-Bahnstadt. The award recognized his contribution in the development and promotion of community living and a social architecture in which technical developments, integration and living together of different generations as well as collaboration of service and maintenance services at the living area seek to satisfy the dynamic requirements of a society consistently getting older.


Study Project at EH Freiburg


Over two semesters (2014-2015), six students at the EH Freiburg conducted a total of 17 interviews with people including the residents of the house “pro scholare” to find out their opinions about the structural and social architecture at home, their contacts and the cultural sensibilities in district Rieselfeld, hurdles and experiences with this concept of living. In addition, they conducted interviews with experts that offers ambulant support for people with disabilities and is an important partner at the community. All findings of the project were published on July 7, 2015.


Visit from the Tongji University to Freiburg


Frey Architekten received a visit from the Tongji University in April 2015. The Shanghai University is one of the world renowned universities, with around 55,000 students. The Tongji University values and maintains the exchange of knowledge and culture between Germany and China. To this end, in 1998 a Chinese-German College (CDHK) was founded – a joint project with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Professor Li, Dean for architecture and urban development at the Tongji University, came on 4/10/2015 to visit the office of Frey Architekten.


EGEA Western Regional Congress 2015


Topic: “GREEN CITY – Sustainable Urban Development”

The EGEA Western Regional Congress 2015 takes place from 25th to 30th March in the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Wolfgang Frey from Frey Architekten will give a lecture on 26th March about “Green City Freiburg”.


Political Dialogue with Matern von Marschall


On February 12, 2015 the consortium and the expert group of the Smart Green Tower (former “Green City Tower”) met Matern von Marschall, from the Christian Democratic Union of Germany and Member of German Parliament for the constituency of Freiburg, for a political dialogue.