Smart Green Tower

Smart-Grid Living: Frey Architekten Unveils the Smart Green Tower


The Smart Green Tower is a 51-meter-high residential and commercial tower, which on account of its planned size, architecture and environmental configuration, is slated to become a flagship project in the area of innovative building-integrated energy systems. Frey Architekten purposely deviated from common standard architectural aesthetics and placed its focus on a building whose outward appearance purposely makes the overall energy concept visible. Not only are photovoltaic modules installed on the roof, but the façade is also activated for energy generation and provided with circumferential PV modules; on the one hand, its purpose is to harvest energy where it is needed and the other hand, it is designed to protect the façade from overheating.


Siemens Magazine: Smart Green Tower


Freiburg’s Smart Green Tower: Technology meets tradition

Sustainable architecture isn’t just about technology – it’s about common-sense design as well as efficient use of resources, says architect Wolfgang Frey. His solar tower in Freiburg, Germany sets a good example.

Wolfgang Frey bounds onto the auditorium towards the end of a busy conference at The Crystal, Siemens’ flagship building in London. The architect is standing between a tired audience and their evening refreshments, and before he begins speaking, they are beginning to fidget and glance at their phones and the door. The screens, however, are soon forgotten.


Frey Architekten at the Real Estate Dialog


The exponential growth in quality of life in Freiburg is both a blessing and a curse. The arrival of numerous new settlers has considerably reduced the availability of affordable housing. A shift in thinking is required to meet these challenges in future.

During the Real Estate Dialog in Freiburg, city councils, real estate industry and consultants discussed new ways and (living) concepts to sustainably ensure high standards of living in Freiburg. This, for instance, will require new intellectual approaches that explore ideas outside of the conventional standards in housing construction.


Keynote Talk by Wolfgang Frey at Siemens Stuttgart


The primary focus of the year’s planner forums in Stuttgart were:

• Single-conductor cable and UPS units
• Construction of low-voltage substations
• Busbar versus cable
• Future of building management
• Development of civic infrastructure

The forum offers an exciting opportunity to gain some momentum by getting into conversations with excellent experts. The planner lounge buzzed with planning aids that came to good use during the daily brainstorming sessions. Wolfgang Frey made the keynote talk during the event, titled “Development of Municipal Infrastructure, Comparing Germany and China.”


Smart Green Tower the focus of the “Digital Transformation in cities” in London


Digitalization is all the rage nowadays. Digital aspects are also gaining more and more significance in the field of green building and energy supply. High level city representatives, industry administrators and lateral thinkers are discussing the efficient application of innovative elements in what is probably the “greenest” building in the world, “Crystal”.

As part of the conference “Digital Transformation in cities” in London on 9/14, Mr Frey presented the flagship project Smart Green Tower.


Wolfgang Frey’s Speech on Siemens SYMPOS 2015


Siemens SYMPOS 2015

How will buildings in the future look like? What requirements must be fulfilled so that it can operate efficiently, environmental friendly and safely? Answers to these questions can be found on the Siemens SYMPOS 2015.

Come and see highlights like the system “Desigo CC”, a milestone in the history of building management. This tool allows you to control all technics in the building and optimize them. Let yourself be inspired and discover the perfect combination in the building. Guests can also enjoy the talk by the prestigious architect Wolfgang Frey. His architectural office in Freiburg-Rieselfeld is currently planning the “Smart Green Tower”, a 51-meter-high residential and commercial tower located in Freiburg. The planning by Frey Architekten consciously departs from the common standard architectural aesthetics and relies on a building whose appearance displays the innovative photovoltaic concept.


Frey Architekten and Siemens at the Econstra Freiburg


Along with Dr. Thomas Aigle of Siemens AG, Wolfgang Frey introduced the concept of the so-called Smart Green Tower (former Green City Tower) at the Econstra – Technical Fair and Convention for Engineering Construction, Architecture and Building Conservation in Freiburg. Smart Green Tower is a 51-meter high residential and trade center planned in the Güterbahnhofareal in North Freiburg. It is a noteworthy structure primarily for its innovative energy management system.