Nursing Care Resident Group Adlergarten

The Nursing Care Resident Group Adlergarten is a necessary addition to the Schwanenhof Residential Complex, aiming to provide individuals who need intensive nursing care at a very advanced age with a graceful residence where they can live out the rest of their lives.

The concept developed to accommodate the special needs of the group of residents allows ten to twelve individuals who live in single rooms to participate in the daily activities in the shared living room or eat-in kitchen depending on how they feel on any given day.

The ergonomic therapy practice located on the top floor, which attends in particular to children suffering from the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the handicapped accessible apartments in the building ensure that the building is always a destination for a wide range of visitors.

The building comprises three floors and the basement. A residential group of patients who require nursing care and dementia patients lives on the ground floor. An ergonomic therapy practice and five senior adequate apartments are located on the first and on the top floor.

Health + Social Affairs, Residential
Eichstetten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
apartment building; three floors


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