Heidelberg Village – “Living Community”

The Heidelberg Village is under construction in Bahnstadt, a district in Heidelberg. The land parcel, which is located on the property once occupied by the old freight train terminal, covers about 108.6 hectares.

On about 6,100 square meters of land, the Frey Architecture Firm will build a residential and commercial complex. Project “Living Community” will be perfectly aligned with Heidelberg Village’s vision of active social community lifestyles and a multi-generational apartment concept.

The area will be framed by the “Langer Anger” roadway and will have integrated bodies of water in the south; the north will be border on the “Green Mile.” The building on the west side has 5 floors and 8 in some parts of the complex. To the east it is bordered in its entirety by the 5-floor adjacent building. Both buildings are entirely handicapped-accessible and have underground garages.

Quarter Management and Forum

Personal shyness, extreme pressure at work, individual consumer pressures, etc. reduce the opportunities and the willingness to establish social networks on the inter-personal level. There is a linear relationship between the risk of isolation and the density of a neighborhood. Hence, if many people are supposed to share compact residential space, careful and attentive support is required.

A quarter management system is installed at Heidelberg Village to provide an institution consisting of permanent staff members who handle the management of these interests. This institution occupies its own premises within the building that serve as a place of contact for residents who need assistance. The Quarter Forum is another point of contact for the people who live in the building as well as those who reside in the quarter as a whole.

The careful selection of residents, the good balance of the interests represented in the house and the stimulation of active resident interactions allow the leasing company to foster harmonious shared living situations.

Technical Characteristics of the Residential Units

Handicapped accessibility pursuant to DIN 18025 is guaranteed for the most part. Given that wheelchair users and other individuals with unique support needs do reside in the entire complex. Given the diversity of the psychic or physical impairments the use of flexible and intelligent solutions is mandatory.

Accommodation in Nursing Home Like Residences

The building is not a nursing home in compliance with the German Nursing Home Construction Act. The individual residents are housed individually in independent units whose occupants change variably on an as-needed basis. Entry conditions, such as those of a nursing home due to the nursing care rate charged, do not exist. Nevertheless, the sum total of units occupied by individuals represented the defined groups of people does represent a nursing home like environment.

The Living Community Approach

The utilization concept behind Heidelberg Village is based on the idea of a living community as a social policy vision. In the English language, the term “living” is frequently used to consolidate the definition of the German words “wohnen” (dwelling) and “leben” (living, being alive) and to describe the phenomenon of “human existence.” Being human in one’s own individual and personal evolvement as part of the urban metropolitan community is a different process these days.

Health + Social Affairs, Residential, Urban Development
Heidelberg-Bahnstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Freie Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH
Plot area
6.100 sq m
Usable floor space
15.150 sq m
Ecologic features
passive houses, green frontages and roofs
Start of construction


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