Design: Nanyang Plaza

The terrain in the proximity of Lanhua Street is about 4 km from downtown Jincheng and is one of the key future urban development zones. It is the site of a multi-functional building complex that offers diverse venues for cultural activities, tradeshows, conferences, tourism as well as retail, a recreational park as well as residential space. Nanyang Plaza is located on the intersection of Binchuan Road and Taiyue Street. To the west, it is bordered by an urban green zone and to the south by the Huayuantou Water Park.

The Nanyang Plaza complex stands 100 m tall and provides a total of 55,000 m2 of floor space. It comprises 27 floors and 2 basements.
The building comprises three parts:
Basement level 1 through the 4th floor accommodate commercial space; while the 5th through the 16th floor are occupied by larger scale offices and the 17 through 27th floor house small offices.

From an architectural perspective, the buildings have been constructed in different heights but as a single building complex. They stand tall and appear to be agile, simple yet strong and thanks to the trapezoid shape of the roof, the buildings look like a group of transparent crystals.

Depending on the lighting required for the room functions, two different types of building materials have been used for the façade: standard glass and anti-reflective glass. These two types of glass have been used systematically so that the transitions between the different components are seamless.

The characteristics of these types of glass give the buildings different looks during the daytime and at night. In the daylight, thanks to the reflections from the sky, the anti-reflective glass appears to be lighter while the standard glass in the narrow windows seems to be darker. In the evenings, the anti-reflective glass looks dark from the outside, while the interior light passes through the narrow windows finished in standard glass and creates a vertical band of light. The rays of light further enhance this effect that fall through the angular tip of the roof from the top. The entire ensemble appears to be as bright as a crystal, assuming a symbolic and expressive function.

Commercial, Office + Administration, Residential
Jincheng, Province Shanxi, China
27 floors, 100 meter high
55.000 sq m


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