Beijing Zhongxin Office Building Complex

The ZhongXinAnTai Investment and Development Group logo is comprised of colorful equilateral triangles. The construction of the façade embodies this concept. The combination of equilateral triangles results in the creation of a simple, concise and dynamic façade. Planned to house the company’s headquarters, the company reflects the logo from all angles and perspectives.

The floor high triangular element is in turn composed of 4 small triangles. The building stands 24 m tall and boasts 6 floors. The ground floor accommodates a variety of commercial units. The offices on the top floors can be divided into flexible compartments.

From the east to the west, the entire building is divided into 4 units. Each unit can be operated independently or in combination with the adjacent units. It is possible to set up open space offices, private offices or mixed arrangements in each individual unit.

Office + Administration
Beijing, China
ZhongXinAnTai Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd.
about 27,000 sq m
multifloor complex
Start of construction


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