Nanjing Kaishang No. Zero Passive House Project

The project area locates in Lishui New District in southern part of Nanjing city. Lishui New District is involved in the “12th Five Year Plan” of Nanjing city and is defined to be a new suburban district of “high-end industries, intensive space utilization, cultural spirituality and beauty, developed and extending transportation system, ecological civilization and well-being”.

The project is dedicated to providing competitive high-quality office environment and the residential space for residents, and attracts relatively young entrepreneurs as well as home buyers with providing entrepreneurs with various kinds of as well as multiple body volume architectural space. It facilitates the talents backflow from main city to this region, thus driving the regional social development.

Because of the suitable natural environment conditions on the site, the overall layout complies with the current existing natural structure. The original landscape and water ponds are kept and connected, forming the central landscape belt with the simultaneous adaptation to topography changes. Various architecture blocks are set up, taking shape of a ventilation corridor and improving the micro-climate of the park. The park is divided into east and west sites according to the service function, the east site is set up with high-rise buildings and the west site is set up with many multi-storey small-scale office buildings. The underground architecture adapts to the topography. The west site has one storey underground, the southern side is set up based on different groups. The northern side is designed to connect the first basement of the east site. The east side has two stories underground, and the range of underground area meets the requirement of building set-back restriction as well as the requirement for arrangement of municipal pipeline network within the site.

The overall architectural layout follows the general plan of the area, forming an undulating and scattering city skyline. Through the coherence of the architectural form and the mountains on the west side of the site, a city image of varying and staggering is formed.

The project is designed to retain the existing plants within the site to a maximal extent, and tries to form a continuous compacted soil greening region as large as possible. Of the landscape, the central landscape belt connects each architecture block and group and coordinates with roof greening, three-dimensional greening, sunken garden greening, grey space greening and indoor greening, forming a multi-level tridimensional greening system. From the point view of ecological effects, the continuous greening system is beneficial to the improvement of park micro-climate, helping reduce the heat island effect and lower the building energy consumption in the park. The multi-level compacted soil greening at the same time helps the drainage of park precipitation, providing convenience for the maximal utilization of “Sponge City” infrastructures by the park.

Nanjing, China
Nanjing Kaishang Technology Company
206.600 m2