Renaturation and urban development in the Kubuqi Desert

The Frey Group cooperates with the Elion Resources Group in the renaturation, reclamation and settlement of the Kubiqi Desert in Inner Mongolia in northern China

The Elion Group was founded in 1988 in a saltern in Kubuqi, one of China’s deserts, and later developed into a national company with the goal of preventing land degradation and transforming desert into fertile landscapes and cities. As part of its commitment to prevent land degradation and to transform deserts into habitable land, Elion Resources Group has developed the Kubuqi model for restoring an intact environment in the Kubuqi Desert. Elion’s achievements have already been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, and are also supported by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Since then, more than 6,000 km² of desert land has been reclaimed, capturing 15.4 million tons of carbon, producing 18.3 million tons of oxygen, improving water resource conservation and lifting more than 100,000 people out of poverty. The company is currently expanding its business activities to other areas related to environmental protection. The renaturation of the desert is creating a new, high-quality habitat on previously uninhabitable land, which, through agricultural use, will enable many people to earn their own living. Furthermore, the reclamation of the former desert requires new living space in the form of settlements and towns. For the planning and development of these newly emerging habitats, the Frey Group will now continue and expand its cooperation with the Elion Group on a large scale.

China, Kubuqi-Wüste
Residential, Urban Development


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