Design: “Jinzhong Yuci” Residence for Seniors

The Jinzhong Yuci Residence for Seniors has been designed as an oasis for retirees who enjoy recreational activities and the opportunity to experience close interactions with nature.

The property covers about 180 Mu (12 ha) of floor space; approximately 25 Mu (1.67 ha) of the land has been reserved for apple trees distributed across the western and southern fringes of the outdoor areas. Another parcel of 60 Mu (4 ha) will be dedicated to a vegetable garden. The objective is to offer residents a place where they can combine the lifestyle of pensioners who want to play an active role in taking care of their needs. The growing of organic fruit and vegetables provides them with access to a healthful harvest.

Two portals – one at the northern and one at the western end of the property – will be installed on the property. The architectural plans call for the integration of retail stores on the northwestern side where residents will be able to shop for their everyday needs. This area will also be designed as a meeting point for the people who live here. In the north, the builders are planned to install a transition zone to separate the complex from the main road and the adjacent neighborhood, where row houses are being built.

Two building complexes are being built in the northeast and southeast. The main street that runs through the property as a thoroughfare will separate the two complexes. The individual homes can only be reached via the side streets to reduce the noise on the main thoroughfare and to encourage residents to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors areas.

The recreation center is located at the western entrance. The park in the background and the impressive house built in Black Forest style aims to draw the attention of guests. The climate in Shanxi dis not compatible with landscaping that uses large-scale bodies of water, which is why small ponds will be installed everywhere on the property.

Health + Social Affairs, Residential
Jinzhong, Province Shanxi, China
Ecologic features
public green spaces, pond installations, green pedestrian areas


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