Single Family Home with Ecological Solutions Throughout


This single family home in Bad Rothenfelde is based entirely on a consistently ecological concept. All of the construction materials are either re-growing sustainable options or raw materials that raise no construction biological concerns. A heat pump will eventually provide the heating energy for the entire building. However, given that at the time of construction heat pump technology still had not been tested, a wood pellet stove was used to complement the pump solution. Most of the roof provides the support surface for solar collectors, while the remaining surface has been covered with greenery. The microclimate created by this arrangement under the generously roof covered outdoor areas ensures that the temperature is comfortable inside the house year-round.

Green roof zone vegetation

In addition to the installation of solar panels, green plants just like the surface of the roof pointing north cover the southern part of the roof. Over time, nature has allowed two completely different types of vegetation to flourish on both sides of the roof, which harmonize ideally with the construction technical requirements.

On the south end of the roof, a sedum herb dry vegetation space has sprouted up, which absorbs the heat of the sun year-round. The vegetation on the north side of the roof provides a solid green cover that provides increased heat insulation throughout the year and helps reduce the heat outflow from the building.


Seniors Apartment Complex


As a sister project of the Schwanenhof Residential Complex, this residential complex creates a new town center in the village of Adelberg.

The building houses senior apartments offering home health care, randomly usable apartments, the local bank branch, church meeting rooms, a citizens’ office, photography studio and a hair dressing salon furnished in compliance with the principles of Feng Shui.

Moreover, a drugstore is available for the locals’ daily shopping needs. It is located across from the main entrance, albeit on a different floor. This brings plenty of activity in the complex without disturbing the residents. The heat and electrical energy is provided via an in-house heat power coupling system just like it is at the Schwanenhof Residential Complex.


Schwanenhof Residential Complex


The Schwanenhof Residential Complex is the new center of the village of Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl. The ground floor accommodates all key businesses that sell products for the villagers’ every-day needs. The wine tasting bar of the local vintner’s association and the meeting rooms of the village’s civic community are also located in the building.

The architectural concept

“Whenever people are no longer able to keep up with the demands of life, life will simply have to meet them halfway.” – Wolfgang Frey

Guest rooms, rental apartments and 18 serviced senior residences occupy the top floors of the building. The road-facing siding sports the re-constructed historic village façade. Besides a traditional ambiance, modern features are also evident in the generous glass front, which establishes a link between the residents on the inside and nature out-of-doors (in the form of a garden).

The residential complex is home to aging seniors and local residents who do not want to leave their home village. Young families and individuals who need nursing care assistance occupy the apartments, which are positioned around a large roof garden. The arcade structure creates an inviting public space.

The Schwanenhof Residential Complex is a protected living space, where people have the option to receive intensive nursing care. The small unit of apartment groups does not provide an anonymous secluded home atmosphere, but gives residents the feeling of being in their personal homes.