Huachu Ruizhao Gas Station

Huachu RuiZhao gas station has been cooperatively built by Shanxi Huachu Oil& Gas Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Ruizhao Gas Co., Ltd..

The design of gas station mainly shows a wonderful image of future city and high-techs. Highlights its modern structure through LED light belt on the roof. Light belt with colors orange and blue that represent Huachu Oil& Gas Co., Ltd.  and Ruizhao Gas Co., Ltd.these two companies, respectively. Directly tells customers what stored in this station, oil, natural gas or oil-gas mixture.

Every spot was established with a 24-h convenient store, a car repair and wash service and open-access washrooms.  Building shapes was designed to echo building materials in term of different section characteristics based on site location, making the building become a part of  fantastic landscape delivering a modern or fashion sence.

Taiyuan, China
Shanxi Huachu Petroleum und Shanxi Ruizhao Gas Ltd.
900 - 8.000 m2