Engel Vineyard

A pond was set up on the flat roof of the cellar hall at the Engel vineyard. It has a temperature controlling effect and its blinking light reflections bring life into the adjacent areas.

A small pond is located next to the building. The presence of the water turns the environs into a high quality residential area. This is true for both, single-family homes and neighborhoods. It also applies to commercial buildings. This set-up mitigates the impact of vast fluctuations in temperatures and the evaporating moisture from the surface of the water generates comfortable levels of humidity.

The creation of the pond is also a good solution for the management of rainwater from a construction-technical point of view. Pond-like rainwater retention techniques do not only provide individual benefits, but also general ecological advantages. As a result, the collected rainwater does not end up in the sewer system, but develops a microcosm in the area where the rain falls, which provides habitats for countless creatures.

Rorschwihr, Alsace, France


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