Design: Taiyuan Wuyi Retail Center

Wuyi Plaza is the largest square in the City of Taiyuan. It is divided into two parts – the north and the south half. Numerous high rises, luxury hotels, office towers and shopping centers are arranged around the square. Hence, this location is also one of the most vibrant centers in the City of Taiyuan.

The Wuyi Retail Center will be built on Wuyi Plaza and is slated to comprise 4 towers. It boasts a total floor space of 66,000 square meters, which will house shopping, offices and services under a single roof. The area south of the Wuyi Plaza construction site is dominated by a large number of high rises. For planning purposes, the existing high rises do pose a major challenge: How can excessive shade cast by these high rises be averted without limiting the new center’s own volume due to the fact that the building will not be as tall as the surrounding towers?

The primary planning goal is to ensure that the Wuyi Retail Center will be aligned with the existing urban structure in such a manner that it completes it and simultaneously increases the quality of the space. Hence, the towers in the east and the west will be positioned in parallel to the respective streets. The two towers in the south have the same orientation as the neighboring buildings. These four buildings will frame a lowered plaza. Plans call for the integration of multiple entrances and exits to manage the streams of pedestrians in the basement more effectively. The high line passageways on the second and third floor, which connect all four towers with each other, provide additional pathways. The passageways also create outdoor levels, which bring the entire area to life.

The rounded buildings narrow gradually from base to top. This minimizes any shadow effects for the adjacent buildings. The facades will be finished in white stucco. The placement of emphasis on the horizontal elements will reinforce the uniformity of the four towers.

Commercial, Office + Administration
Taiyuan, Province Shanxi, China
66.000 sq m


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