Motivation is also a crucial factor because while many people may readily grasp the importance of sustainability, they will not necessarily feel capable of acting accordingly when it comes to making the big and the little decisions. It is a matter of supplying people with the motivational content they need to act in the manner that, all things considered, is right.

Energy Contracting

The owner of the building is usually responsible for installing heating systems in apartment buildings. However, the installation of heating systems is usually not something that has a direct impact on the owner’s interests. Building owners who invest in intelligent engineering systems face increased up-front costs and no possibility of refinancing.

Therefore the model of energy contracting is used in the apartment buildings designed by Frey Architekten. According to this model, an independent contractor is responsible for the heating system of the building. This contractor also assumes responsibility for procuring and supplying the required energy, which is then invoiced exactly in proportion to the amount of heat supplied. The tenants therefore no longer pay for consumed oil or gas, but instead according to certain kilowatt heat rates for the heat they’ve actually used.

Public Private Partnership

The task of achieving common goals requires the introduction of incentives that tend to unify the interests of those involved. Public private partnerships (PPPs) represent one such model. One particular model includes the architect as building promoter. Thus, the financial responsibilities become a personal commitment. As owners, they’re responsible in finding the optimal solutions for top quality at low cost.

Shared Use

In urban centers with densely built-up areas, the combined and share uses are feasible and meaningful. For example, the sharing of underground parking lots saves investments and operating costs while increasing the usable floor space.

Added value through additional uses

Additional options can generate more value and are thus sustainable. For example, roof surfaces can be rented for solar panels installations. For the owner, this results in incomings and a better weather protection against rain, UV rays and heat. Other elements can also be added around a compact building envelope to give shape to the building and its setting. Such elements may also serve various practical functions that enhance the experience of those who spend time in or around the building.


In our “motivation through ownership”-concept, the craftsman becomes owner in the condominium he builds. Our approach is to involve the skilled craftsmen as stakeholders. This gives us access to a tremendous amount of knowledge that is relevant to the building process and that is not only free of charge, but saves money and leads to higher quality work. This sort of optimization lowers the construction costs and the re- financing costs to the point where the revenue drawn from the rental payments suffices to cover the total investment and more.