Realizing Shared Visions

Architecture and city development always entail a certain shaping intervention in the lives of people. It is incumbent on those who are involved in the process of city development to recognize and embrace the responsibility attached to the authority invested in them. After all the decisions they make will lead to abiding states of development that can have a major impact on people’s life.

New concepts require a space that allows creativity.
Political will

All municipalities have a certain societal responsibility. The municipalities themselves usually define the value of the fulfillment of their responsibility to the public. Municipalities often have the power to shape planning laws. They can pass project-specific development plans, issue calls to tender for development proposals relating to property that was formerly not available for development and so on. We have over 40 years of experience in municipal constructions and offer consulting services for municipalities.

Aesthetic design

While the development of urban environments requires the possibility of securing both commercial and socio-cultural interests, the challenges of modern city development, especially in connection with these societal usage structures, can only be met with the people who live in the city. City development depends on initiative and liberty. The environment should meet the interest of the people in order to achieve identification.

Legal framework

Development in sustainable buildings always implies that the legal frame has to be revised or new implementation needs to be developed. One example took place in a traditional nursing center where residents were not allowed in the kitchen. Working together with the political authorities, we found a solution that permits the residents of small communities to access in the kitchens.