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Maximpact Blog: The Power of Reforestation in China

Before the Chairman Mao regime came into power, China was a heavily forested country. In fact, the Forbidden City was made entirely out of wood. When Mao took over, he wanted to make China a steel country, during the Great Leap Forward (1958–62). He forced every farmer to use backyard steel furnaces for steelmaking, which required vast amounts of wood to maintain the intense level of heat required for their furnaces. A massive deforestation effort took place to support Mao’s wishes. As a result, China tore down millions of acres of forests, which has had an enormous impact on the environment.

Take air pollution in Beijing, for example. According to data gathered by the US Embassy in the nation’s capital, Beijing experienced 200 days in 2014 in which the air pollution was considered “unhealthy”. Only 10 days of that year were deemed “good”.

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Cities Today: Smart Green Tower

Modular energy systems: building the Internet of electricity

Distributed energy systems are typically used to produce energy in locations too remote or costly to be considered worth connecting to the grid. The City of Freiburg is bringing these self-governing systems much closer to home

At 51 metres tall, the mixed-use Smart Green Tower will not be the tallest structure in Freiburg when its construction is completed in the freight yard to the north of the city, in approximately one year from now. Neither will it be the first attempt by the municipality to create sustainable urban living spaces. Emboldened by the need to rebuild most of the city after the Second World War, and empowered by the rejection of nuclear power in the 1970s, many of Freiburg’s 220,000 residents have been engaged in optimising energy use.

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