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Energy Self-Sustaining Smart Green Tower Interacts Intelligent Within The Smart Green City

This battery-operated office and apartment complex is not merely a paper tiger

The concept of Smart Green Tower goes along with the objectives of the Green City and offers much more than just energy self-sufficiency. Furthermore, this battery-operated office and apartment complex is not merely a paper tiger – it is planned to become reality in the German city of Freiburg im Breisgau. Designed by Frey Architekten, with support of Siemens and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), the energy concept of Smart Green Tower differs from other self-sustaining buildings producing clean energy for own needs.

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EFA Magazine: First Look – Heidelberg Village

Heidelberg Village is part of a large sustainable development project in the new urban district, Bahnstadt, on the site of a former freight yard in Heidelberg, Germany. With 162 units, Heidelberg Village will accommodate people from all walks of life: from single households to disabled residents to seniors. Construction started in 2015 and is expected to be completed in spring 2017.

Residential units will range from one- to five-room apartments and many units are being built to accommodate residents who need nursing care or special needs, including handicapped-accessible bathrooms.

Architecture firm Frey Group (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) is also working together with outpatient care and domestic care services, which will have offices within the village.

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12月1号到2号期间,青岛中德生态园管理委员会经济发展局局长薛俊亭带领考察团到访了德国弗莱建筑集团,展开了为期两天的学习交流活动。考察团访问期间,德国弗莱建筑集团总裁沃尔夫冈 • 弗莱先生为考察团作了关于被动式超低能耗绿色建筑及生态城市的专题报告。针对青岛中德生态园管理委员会经济发展局的任务特点,弗莱先生在报告中不仅对绿色建筑的要素及他对生态城市的建筑理念做了解释,而且着重介绍了被动式超低能耗绿色建筑的成本核算及经济效益。专题报告之后弗莱先生和其工作人员还亲自带领考察团成员参观了德国弗莱建筑集团所在地 – “德国环保首都“弗莱堡内的丽瑟菲尔德住宅区以及沃邦住宅区。

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11月30日,青岛市广播电视台的记者们来到了位于德国西南部的“德国环保首都“弗莱堡,对德国弗莱建筑集团的总裁沃尔夫冈 • 弗莱先生做了专题采访。这次采访是对由中国中央委员会总书记习近平提出的“一带一路”跨国经济带上中外合作情况的一次题为“丝绸之路今日行 ”的专题新闻采访。

德国弗莱建筑集团作为德国致力于被动式超低能耗绿色建筑的公司代表,和中国有着长期的合作,旗下的WFP Architekten (德国弗莱建筑设计公司)引进德国先进技术和经验,并因地制宜,在中国落地实施并推进了大批优秀项目,如昆山市城市通风廊道研究、珠海市中欧生态城市头号重点项目前山河绿色建筑示范区、江西省第一座被动式幼儿园—南昌市众森红谷一品幼儿园等等,推动了绿色被动式超低能耗建筑在中国的实施和发展。

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