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Heidelberg Village Named Finalist in 2017 WORLD CHANGING IDEAS AWARDS

Frey Architekten’s Heidelberg Village Named Finalist in Fast Company’s 2017 WORLD CHANGING IDEAS AWARDS. Other Honorees include AIRBNB, GE, etsy and Microsoft.

Freiburg, March 27, 2017 —Fast Company has named Frey Architekten’s Heidelberg Village one of the finalists for its premiere World Changing Ideas Awards, which honor businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that offer innovative solutions to the issues facing humanity. All of the finalists are highlighted in the April issue of the print magazine, which hits newsstands on March 27.

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2017年3月20日, 德国弗莱建筑集团董事长沃尔夫冈∙弗莱先生,合伙人兼中国区总裁王甲坤女士,中国被动式建筑联盟秘书长徐智勇先生等一行来到了位于江西省南昌市的“红谷一品”被动式幼儿园的施工现场进行考察指导。“红谷一品”幼儿园是由南昌众森集团投资,德国弗莱建筑集团旗下弗莱建筑事务所(WFP Architekten)设计的,中国夏热冬冷地区第一个被动式标准的幼儿园,将取得德国被动房研究所与中国住建部双认证,为中德合作被动式建筑优秀范例。目前结构主体已接近完成。

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Horizon 2020 for the EU: Smart Cities & Communities

The European Union has created one of the world’s strongest financially backed programs for research and innovation entitled Horizon 2020. About €80 billion will be used to support sustainable development in Europe. Together with its partners, the Eco-City of Freiburg is paving the way, turning the city into a smart one. The Smart Green Tower by Frey Architekten is a flagship project in this effort.

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Germany engineers a new housing model

In the city of Heidelberg, a relic of German romanticism on the banks of the river Necker, people are being interviewed to live in a special kind of house. This is not Germany’s version of Big Brother, though in some respects it is a kind of residential social experiment. Heidelberg Village is the largest passive housing complex in the world. Set on 6,100 square metres of land, it takes the principles of sustainable Passivhaus design and expands it to include a social perspective. The result is a prototype for multi-generational living that encourages a sense of community.

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A Passive Challenge

Asia’s Largest Passive House development is currently under construction on a site covering almost 200 acres in Qingdao, China. Patrick Kingsland spoke to Germany-based architect Wolfgang Frey, who previously designed the world’s largest passive house settlement, about the challenges and benefits of passive house design.

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