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建築節能先做好 開冷氣不是問題

跟建築師弗萊(Wolfgang Frey)的對話很有意思,這位正在德國綠色城市弗萊堡(Freiburg)打造新一代建築,配備百萬瓦儲能技術的智能綠塔(smart green tower)建築師,一開場談的不是智慧電網、不是儲能技術,而是「我的曾曾祖父」。

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Wolfgang Frey on the 14th IGEBC in China

Wolfgang Frey from Frey Gruppe on The Fourteenth International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building and New Technologies and Products Expo (IGEBC), 2nd April – 3rd April 2018, Zhuhai, China. IGEBC is ranked the most influential event with the largest scale in the green building industry in China, and sees each year over 3000 participants, including more than 300 high-ranking officials, renowned experts and specialists, along with more than 300 exhibitors at home and abroad.

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中国首个“Plus级别的被动房” — 德国弗莱建筑集团设计项目于22届世界被动房大会上取得认证




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Modus Magazine UK: Passiv Scale

Passivhaus might be a great way to build super- efficient, eco-friendly homes, but its exacting standards are too expensive to work for volume housebuilders, right? Wrong, says Andy Pearson.

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