German architect Wolfgang Frey plants forest to make up for carbon footprint2016/08/11

German architect Wolfgang Frey has made a strong commitment to sustainable practice by creating his own forest as a means of repaying his carbon dioxide debt. The site, located on China’s Xishan mountain, covers 12.4 acres and has been planted with more than 6,000 trees. Frey – who has advised Chinese government ministers and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on issues of sustainability – has several ongoing leisure and housing projects in China and travels to the country several times each year.

“Everyone should live more sustainably, whether they are architects or not,” Frey told CLAD. “While there are many ways to build in a sustainable and mindful fashion, our environment is always impacted in some way by construction. The goal of this project is to minimise our negative impact by offsetting our carbon footprint and becoming more aware of the ultimate outcome of our building decisions.”

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